How I survived my cleaning obsession

For some reason I ended up with a cleaning obsession. It started when I was still rather young and living at home with my parents. I had this thing about my room always being spotlessly clean and neat and tidy, and I used to spend hours cleaning it. Not only did I organise my room, but I organised my wardrobes as well and everything else around me. When I left school and started to work on the reception at Stansted, I just carried on.

Within a couple of months of joining Stansted escorts of, I had fired the cleaning lady and was looking after the office myself. It really suited me and I was kept busy all of the time. My silly little one bedroom flat was also clean, but I did not realise that I had a problem. It was not until one day when I found myself about to hoover the dog that I realised that I had a problem and had to do something about it.

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The next day, I went into Stansted escorts and explained to my boss that I had to see a therapist about my cleaning habit. He laughed and said that he was sure that you could have worse obsessions that a cleaning obsession. Of course there is no denying that, but at the same time, I felt that it was something that I had to deal with it. My cleaning obsession was simply taken over my life and I knew that I had to do something or I would disappear under all of the cleaning products that I was buying.

After a couple of days, I managed to get an appointment with a really good therapist. She was a nice lady and understood my problem. According to her, I was trying to over compensate for something in my life. To be honest, I could not figure out what that was at all. We kept talking and I felt that I was not getting anywhere. I did not mind going, but it was costing a lot of money and I did not really want to spend all of the money I earned at Stansted escorts without getting a result. In the end, I decided to give up on the therapy session and try to control the problem myself.

Most of the girls at Stansted escorts did not think it was such a big deal, but they did want advice on how to clean their homes. I was more than happy to help, and even put together a small website about home cleaning advice. To my surprise, I ended up getting lots of hits on my website and I finally decided that this could be something. Over the next couple of months I wrote my heart about cleaning advise and I know have my own successful website about cleaning and how to look after your home. I love it and I must admit that it has helped me to cope with my house cleaning obsession. As a matter of fact, you can say that I have made a fortune out of my little obsession.

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